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We Ship All of Our Burial Products Nationally

We ship all of our coffins and urns  directly to the funeral home you choose.
 2-4 days within the State of Ohio.

WE  are a one-stop solution, able to provide everything from small inlay ceramics urns and cemetery grass markers to towering veteran memorials and mausoleums. We offer close to 450 coffins and caskets of various styles and materials. We are known for supplying personalized coffins. We also sell burial vaults,  We  work closely in collaboration with AMAZING GRACE BURIAL SERVICE FOUNDATION. 

We are not like any other memorial store  you have ever encountered. We are a full service burial brokerage house selling our products nationally over the Internet  to the public ... priced at warehouse  levels.   We outsource  our clients funeral and cremation services. ( details are described in the pre-planning program section of this website ).

 Northeast Ohio's One-Stop
       Funeral Burial Service.

 Now 3 Locations to serve  your Funeral Needs &  Wishes !
 East , West, Downtown


     3157 West 105th  (Sales)  
  Cleveland, Ohio 44111
(By Appointment Only) 
216-609-4439 /216-278-2129 (mobile)

7620 East 73rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44103 
( Factory/Whse.Facility)
( By Appointment Only)
216-609-4439 /216-278-2129 (mobile) 

26079 Broadway Avenue 
Oakwood Village, Ohio  44146
 ( By Appointment Only)
216-758-5449/216-609-4439 (mobile) 
 Email Us  .......

 "Hablamos Español"

   We are Highly qualified and motivated professionals who care about your final resting needs and desires. AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES is a full-service burial need provider
and  a one-stop operation  when it pertains to the life cycle of end - of- life  services . We truly care about providing excellent quality, products and service. From coffins, headstones and memorials, urns, caskets  and vaults, AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONE professional staff  and associates  can make your experience of a loved one passing away one of compassion, financially caring without sacrificing on quality or services.  We sell directly to the public at wholesale prices. Prices that our as much as 50% off  the cost of our competitors and what funeral homes would sell you the items for.  Financing is available upon management discretion.
   Our end-of-life consultants are specialists in immediate cremation  funeral needs and basic/traditional funerals. We work with a number of  National Certified Funeral Homes in the Northeast Ohio area.  We outsource your embalming and cremation needs and arrange funeral services with your church of choice. Funeral arrangements can also be arranged thru our networking.


White Ash Cremation Urns with Sports Team Theme  

We specialize in custom artwork, laser etching and digital photography.

Logo  designing of the urn  is done at no charge ( in most cases )

We Personalize and customize  at minimum charge addition

We are here to help you create a lasting memory for your loved ones.  These sports urns will truly express you r loved ones enthusiasm for his pro or college team.

Call Us for details 


We Offer Financing On Your Purchases

We offer free, fast  financing on any of our burial products and 
services. Up to $3500 on credit terms is available at low, monthly terms ad APR interest rates.

Fell Free To Call Us and Discuss


Death is so unpredictable. It can happen at any moment. 

 We’re here for your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… whenever you need us.

  • One call    (216) 609-4439
    Just one call assures you compassionate, highly responsive service and professional management of your cremation or traditional burial planning. These services are outsourced to members of our Funeral Home Registry that we work with. We plan the funerals and reception at the Funeral Home or Churchs and religious sites we work with.
  • We won't take advantage of this period of your life. We understand you will be in bereavement and under a hail of stress. Making important decisions pertaining to funeral arrangements, many of you will be doing for the first time.
  • We will pledge to you not to inflate our prices on your burial needs. We should be A.) less expensive on our funeral service packages without sacrificing quality or services, B.) supply you a  quality coffin, headstones, urns and other burial services like a vault that will satisfy your needs and desires without "cutting corners", and C.) you will be able to have a positive, lasting legacy of your loved one based on the good experience of dealing with AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES in letting us coordinate your funeral affairs.

24-hour Delivery Available

Funeral Homes and cemetery's must Accept Delivery of our burial products ( coffins, urns and vaults ) by Federal Law

How Can We Help?

During this time of grief and remembrance, AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES is here to help answer your questions. Call us at 

(216) 609-4439 or text message us .

Email at

Use our online form on Page 2 - Our Services

Wholesale Affordable Pricing,
Financing Available

   AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES offers the following services and products to our clients.

  AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES is a manufacturer and fabricator of our own headstone line of products. We also make statues and memorial benches from design to etching and stone cutting. From design to placement at the cemetery of your choice.

Note- we only work with granite.   preferably black granite)

  AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES is an authorized vendor of one of the largest USA coffin and urn manufactures in the nation. Thus, our volume buying is passed on to you at significant savings. We have three locations in Cleveland, OH to serve you.

   AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES has developed relationships with many of the finest funeral homes in the Northeast Ohio area to give you the assurance that our burial and immediate need packages are 100% guaranteed and conveniently located for your friends and family.

        Custom Headstones and Memorials 

               Personalized  Cremation Urns 

             Pesonalized Sports Urns &  Coffins

       Coffins and Caskets    /     Military Coffins

Burial Vaults

            Outsourced  Cremation Packages

        Outsourced Burial Traditional Packages

        Immediate Need Cremation Packages

           Immediate Need Traditional Funeral Packages

              Pet Memorials and Headstones  

Pet Urns

Outsourced Per Cremation Service 

Outsourced Body pickup to Cremation or Funeral Home 

Funerals arranged at Churches 


Our Showroom 
business hours

(Due to CoVid-19 ,..  All Showrooms Open By Appointment Only)
Our Factory and Warehouse Facility is never open to the public. 

Weekend and Evening appointments available for consultation. However, to reduce traveling costs and save on time, Video by team viewer  meeting v conferencing is preferred and highly encouraged.

Mon - Fri     9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday     9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

              24-hour Delivery is Available at an                                   additional expediated fee

Funeral Homes Must Accept Delivery by 

Federal Law

How Can We Help?

During this time of grief and remembrance, Amazing Grace Tombstones is here to help answer your questions. Call us at (216) 609-4439 or message us using our online form found on Page 2 - Our Services


AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES partners with  many of the  key funeral directors in the local funeral business , to get  your funeral requests and needs completed earning your trust and 100% satisfaction.  From making sure your burial or cremation is done correctly to filing the proper certificates, fees and permits, no detail is ignored or left unfinished  ... and the best part is that AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES can really do it all without you getting involved. 

 We let you concentrate on being with your family and friends and not worrying about the minute details of making sure the funeral arrangement is done smoothly  and with dignity.

As far as the major funeral items, coffins will delivered on time to the funeral home, urns will be quickly sent to the crematorium  and headstones and memorials done and all arrangements with the cemetery of the deceased choosing will be completed as far as stone placement .


There's an old saying in  football,. If when you watch a football game and afterwards you cant remember the officials, then the official  did a great job in officiating the game. 

Your funeral  should also go smoothly and without a hitch. 

AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES wants too handle much of the burden for you. We welcome your trust and confidence in letting us do the job. Through our hard work and experience in handling your affairs, we will earn that trust so that we can build a relationship with you and your family for generations to come.

It is our hope to provide a significant savings with our economical pricing presented to you. We strive to offer the best service possible in this difficult and trying time. We provide all of our families the same compassion, dignity and respect, paying attention to every detail you request, along with those you may not think of. This is why we are here and should be expected from us.

Allow us to help you through this difficult time.




No one likes to think about passing on or having a loved one pass on, but this is a reality everyone must face. Funerals, Headstones, Coffins and Urns are used to pay tribute to a person and commemorate details about their life. Their date of birth, family relations, and occupation can all be shared.

Creating burial products and planning a  burial can be a tricky process, often made more difficult because those shopping are also going through the grieving process. 

Many people look to design a headstone , coffin or urn based on the requests of a loved one. However, some people work based off their own ideas or the ideas of others who were close to the deceased. Custom grave markers are a great way to pay tribute to a person.

Elegant-looking grave markers can tell a lot about an individual’s life. Everything from their occupation to the relationships they had can be displayed on the stone with text or pictures.

Likewise, the way a burial is organized and put together tells a lot about the  deceased individual life. 

We at AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES will do everything possible to always remember that we are helping you to continue to build a wonderful remembrance for your family in honoring the deceased individual and adding to his legacy. 

You can depend on Us for helping you.

Our promise to you and your family

Coffins And Urns 

Fast, reliable 

By Law, a funeral home has to accept a coffin even though it's not purchased by the funeral home. 

AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES can deliver a coffin to the funeral home in 3-4 days under normal circumstances. Not only do you get great service , but your savings on a coffin bought from us could be very considerable. Most funeral homes sell coffins at 4 times their value. 

Urns can be sent to the Funeral Home within 48 hours ( under normal conditions ). We ship nationally .

Headstones and Memorials  take 4-7 weeks to make and be ready for gravesite placement. Note - AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES  always is concerned about cemetery regulations and permit filings. These are factors in considering completion times. 

Pre-Burial and Immediate Need Planning 

Expert Consulting by a Ohio 
Certified Funeral Director and Staff Member

Our Ohio certified Funeral Director  and  staff is dedicated to guiding you through the aspects of a funeral service with respect,   compassion, and dignity.

It is a very unfortunate fact of life that some people will die without sufficient resources for funeral expenses.  So, you may be asking, what should one do?

​Click below for more information on where to start.  One of our staff members can help walk you through all options available to you while keeping your needs in mind.

                              Learn More 


Our team

We Are Here For You


We are here to serve, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Never an answering service during normal business hours.

​Call us now to speak to someone directly.

Answering will switch on after normal business hours.


Advanced Planning Services

The staff at AMAZING GRACE TOMBSTONES will guide you through the process of planning funeral arrangements in advance. They can skillfully help you plan a funeral that is within your budget with the special touches that allow your loved one’s life to be remembered and honored.  Staff members are trained in how to incorporate various religious and spiritual implications into your arrangements, ensuring that the final resting place of your loved one is consistent with his or her views and beliefs.



                   READ MORE



What To Do When Death Occurs

Within the first 24 hours of your loved one’s passing, you will need to meet with one of our staff members to begin.

   Contact Us and Learn More 

Click to read our pamphlet on what to do at the time of death.

What You Can Expect -Read More


  24-Hr Answering Service

( Real Person will respond to you  ) 

Answering Service

If you’re in need of immediate assistance, we’re available to help at any time of the day at


or 216-609-4439

If you’re currently experiencing a death in the family, we are here for you. Helping you through the funeral process with the utmost compassion is our gift to you.

Depending on where the death has occurred, there are certain steps you need to take. To connect with us right away, please call our 24-hour answering service.

                     READ MORE

Contact us

Telephone: 216-609-4439


Address: 3157 West 105th Street , Cleveland OH 44111

7620 E 73rd Street , Cleveland  OH  44103

26079 Broadway Avenue 
Oakwood Village, Ohio  44146

        ( Due to CoVid 19 Epidemic  -  By Appointment Only )

                        No Exceptions to this Rule .. No Walk-Ins

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